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TheNike Pro HyperCool Cropped Women\’s Training Tank features breathable mesh and stretch fabric for ventilated comfort during your workout.


  • Nike HyperCool fabric provides targeted ventilation
  • Body-skimming, cropped profile allows for easy layering
  • Ergonomic design for mobility

Product Details

  • Fabric: Body: 54% nylon/34% polyester/12% spandex. Mesh: 81% polyester/19% spandex.
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Shown: Gunsmoke/Heather/Gunsmoke/Volt
  • Style: 889627-036
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Cheap Jerseys from china Like I have 2 incredible pizza places near me. If I just going to binge cheap pizza I getting 5 dollar pizza that are acceptable. I cannot imagine the point of the 14 dollar pizza when 17 bucks is utter perfection. Harrison Smith: PhilipRivers went out of his way to compliment Smith after the game, saying he thinks the safety \”does a heck of a job.\” It was another impactful day for Smith on Sunday, as he ranged back into coverage to pick Rivers off before recovering a fumble. \”Harrison is a great competitor,\” coach Mike Zimmer said. \”He was giving me some suggestions of what to call Cheap Jerseys from china.

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